NBU Interceptor

NBU 30/33 Interceptor


Braunsfels, TX


BRH Garver

Project Date



  • Sentinel’s use of an appropriately sized centrifuge and properly managed drilling fluids assisted BRH finishing this project in timely manner while reducing risks to pedestrian traffic.


BRH Garver was contracted to install 900’ of 36” Hobas Pipe on the NBU 30/33 Interceptor Project using a Direct Jack method.

What made this Complex

BRH had to maintain significant volumes of slurry on-site and working in a heavy pedestrian traffic. The jobsite was located along the entrance to major state park where families make use of the river for tubing and summer fun.

How Sentinel Solved It

Sentinel provided a centrifuge and our Bore-Gel bentonite to assist in the drive. Bore-Gel was selected for its low viscosity and excellent rheology considering the formation was a claystone.

As the drive was coming to conclusion, Sentinel provided an anionic flocculant to begin dewatering the slurry back to clear water and dry solids. This allowed BRH to avoid haul-off and reduce traffic of trucks through the park area.


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