SAWS W6 Project


San Antonio, TX


BRH Garver

Project Date



  • Sentinel’s use of an appropriately sized centrifuge and properly managed drilling fluids assisted BRH finishing this project in timely manner while reducing risks to pedestrian traffic.


BRH Garver was selected to install two (2) 450’ lengths of 36” Permalock Casing for the San Antonio Water System’s W-6 Project. BRH awarded the solids control and drilling fluids to Sentinel Solutions.

What made this Complex

BRH was tasked to make these dual drives in densely populated suburban San Antonio. Sentinel was asked to reduce haul-off of whole slurry and maintain rheology throughout the drives.

How Sentinel Solved It

Sentinel sized the centrifuge based on previous experience with BRH and provided the necessary fluids to maintain hole integrity while keeping mud losses to a minimum. At the conclusion of each drive, anionic flocculants were injected allowing BRH to discharge fluids and keep vac trucks off the roads.


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