Santa Rosa Project

Waterwell Field for Oil Company


25 Miles North of Midland/Odessa TX


Santa Rosa

Project Date

Dec 2021- April 2022


  • Drilling and installing 14 waterwells


This project consisted of drilling and installing 14 waterwells for an operator in their oilfield north of Midland/Odessa.  Well were to be installed at depths of 3,500’-5,500’.

What made this Complex

Despite having reserve pits available, Santa Rosa was struggling with the notorious “Red Bed” clays commonly found in the Midland/Odessa area.  From swelling clays, balled up bits and excessive mud weights, Santa Rosa was fighting the formation from day one.

How Sentinel Solved It

Sentinel was able to provide polymers which created an inhibitive environment to chemically address the highly reactive clays.  This system included Bore-Gel, Quik-Trol Gold LV and EZ MUD Gold.  Mechanically, Sentinel was able to provide one of our mobile centrifuges which was able to keep mud weight under control and saw Santa Rosa’s ROP increase dramatically.  This increase in ROP actually allowed Santa Rosa to outpace the padsite construction so they could focus on equipment maintenance in-between wells.  The mobility of the centrifuge was key considering this and most water well sites do not have heavy lifting capabilities.


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