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Hutch Hayes Mega bowl 19”

The MegaBowlTM comes with a standard “VFD Ready” drive system which allows for full variability on both the main and back drive motors through VFD’s. The bowl is driven by a 150 HP inverter duty main drive motor and the conveyor is driven through a planetary gear box (49:1) with a 40 HP inverter duty back drive motor. The MegaBowlTM is engineered and manufactured within the same rigid standards as the HHS Model 5500 with many of the same features, plus more than twice the processing capacity. All major rotating assembly components are manufactured from centrifugal castings or forgings of either Duplex 2205 SS, or 316 SS. As with the 5500, the MegaBowlTM case is 316 SS. All major wear areas are protected with tungsten carbide and/or Stellite. This unit is manufactured to operate in a Class 1, Division 1 environment.