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BENSEAL® and EZ-MUD® Slurry

The BENSEAL and EZ-MUD slurry combines two widely used Baroid products into a patented technique that provides a simple, economical method to seal and grout boreholes, well casings and earthen structures. The slurry develops a high quality grout with low permeability.

  • Seal or grout plastic and steel casings
  • Seal downhole instrumentation in test and observation holes
  • Plug abandoned boreholes for mineral, water and seismic exploration
  • Stabilize broken or unconsolidated formations
  • Grout ground source heat pump loops
  • Both products are NSF/ANSI/CAN Standard 60 certified
  • Develops strong bond between grout, casing and formation
  • Forms a flexible seal with a very low permeability that prevents commingling of aquifers and entry of surface contaminants
  • Delays bentonite swelling on surface so that unyielded bentonite will swell in situ
  • No heat of hydration
  • Re-hydratable
  • Minimal grout level subsidence
  • Allows hole reentry