As a certified Baroid distribution partner, Sentinel supplies a complete line of grouts to all drilling disciplines.

Grouting is the process of placing an effective seal in a borehole. The sealing agents used are generally known as grouts, which typically fall into two general categories, bentonite-based and cement-based. To be effective, a grout must be easy to put in place and must have a very low permeability to limit the migration of contaminants to the subsurface. Additionally, grouts used for geothermal heat loop installations should have high thermal conductivity characteristics along with the requisite sealing abilities.

The correct choice of grouting products depends on the intended use, subsurface geology, subsurface water chemistry, must comply with federal, state and local well construction codes.

Contact us directly and we can provide you with an onsite expert with the knowledge and technical skills to analyze your project and recommend the proper grouting products to ensure a successful seal.

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