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CLAY-DRILL is a single sack product designed for HDD applications where sacrificial fluids are the preferred system of choice. CLAY-DRILL polymer-based HDD fluid is designed to provide borehole stabilization, counteract the sticking tendencies of clay and maximize clay/shale inhibition without the need for additional additives.

  • Clay and shale stabilization to reduce swelling and/or disintegration
  • Viscosity development in fresh water drilling fluids
  • Enhanced lubricity for reduction of rotational torque and drag
  • Reduction of the ability of clay or shale to adhere to bit, reamer and drill string
  • Development of a “clay-free” drilling fluid
  • NSF/ANSI/CAN Standard 60 certified
  • Single-sack product, reduces the number of products on-site
  • Effective in low concentrations
  • Easy to mix