Horizontal Directional Drilling

The Horizontal Directional Drilling industry has been growing exponentially in recent years. Sentinel provides both products and expertise in this cutting edge technology.

The unique physical and geologic environment of many utility bores, and all river crossings, require gel strengths and filtration control be optimized to achieve a successful horizontal bore.  Mother Nature, as always, dictates utility borings and river crossings require the optimization of different drilling fluid properties due to unconsolidated sands, reactive clays, gravels and cobbles that are commonly encountered in the horizontal environment.

Therefore, a primary focus in developing a drilling fluid for HDD is in the suspension of drill cuttings, combined with reduced viscosity, to ultimately allow for better maintenance of flow and effective removal of solids.

As a certified distributor of Baroid IDP Products, Sentinel can bring you the right products specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of the HDD environment.